Our Services

Deakin Law Clinic is a community legal service assisting clients who have limited to no income, or who experience a disadvantage that makes it difficult to access justice. We provide assistance across a range of legal practice ares.

Who do we help?

We help those who need it most. Because of this, we may decide to provide limited advice or cease to act altogether if we discover, during our interview or while assisting, that a client has other means of support not previously disclosed.

Legal advice is only provided by appointment. We do not offer legal advice over the phone.

Areas where we can assist you

Family law

The Family Law Practice assists clients with matters concerning family violence, marriages, separations and divorce, parenting arrangements and property settlements.

Civil law

The Civil Law Practice assists clients with matters such as infringements, debts, neighbourhood disputes, consumer disputes, contract issues, tenancy issues and motor vehicle accidents (not personal injury).   

Criminal law

The Criminal Law Practice provides services to clients who have been charged with summary or indictable offences, and undertakes appeal work in appropriate cases.

Employment law

The Employment Law Practice helps employees, small businesses and other workers navigate the employment law system.

Policy advocacy

The Policy Advocacy Practice gives students the opportunity to undertake real problem-based projects that address economic and social injustices.

Other legal resources in Victoria

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