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Deakin Law Clinic offers free legal advice and assistance in the following practice areas:

Civil law

The Civil Law Practice assists clients with matters such as infringements, debts, neighbourhood disputes, consumer disputes, contract issues, tenancy issues and motor vehicle accidents (not personal injury).

Criminal law

The Criminal Law Practice provides services to clients who have been charged with summary or indictable offences, and undertakes appeal work in appropriate cases.

Employment law

The Employment Law Practice helps employees, small businesses and other workers navigate the employment law system.

Family law

The Family Law Practice assists clients with matters concerning family violence, marriages, separations and divorce, parenting arrangements and property settlements.

Policy advocacy

The Policy Advocacy Practice gives students the opportunity to undertake real problem-based projects that address economic and social injustices.

Other resources

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We provide legal advice to the following people:

  • indigenous people;
  • people with a disability or mental illness;
  • people for whom paying for legal services would cause undue financial hardship (ordinarily from households who earn less than $80,000 per year);
  • people from a culturally and linguistically diverse background (CALD) affecting their understanding of English or the legal system;
  • people referred through other pro bono programs which have means or other testing for obtaining pro bono legal assistance;
  • small businesses (as defined by the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth)) who are not otherwise able to access legal assistance.
  • We focus on providing legal advice clientele who meet the above criteria across Victoria.

Please note we do not provide assistance to Deakin Staff or Deakin Students due to potential conflicts of interest. If you are a Deakin Student, you may be able to obtain legal advice through the Deakin Student Legal Service.

In instances we cannot provide legal assistance or advice, there are a number of other legal resources available to the public, please select one of the options below for further information:

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